Sharing Our Space with Other Colleagues

Jere Sexy Team

Loventz Marc, Star Photography

As a young entrepreneur or professional, it can be difficult financially to have to rent large office space and afford various expenses that come with equipping and maintaining it. At ILC, we offer co-working spaces that encourage networking and collaboration and help new startups reduce expenses for Internet, energy, rental (including conference rooms), office equipment, and staff. Startups can share resources, office space, equipment, accounting services, and staff until they are able to stand on their own feet.

Aside from reducing the expenses that come with individually launching new businesses by assuming all the upfront costs, we believe that by bringing new entrepreneurs together in one place through the co-working space concept we also encourage the sharing of best practices.

In addition, if you need more space, our larger 54-seat room can accommodate your meetings, seminars, conferences and the likes! Our rooms are air-conditioned and we have a backup solar system allowing you to continue working during blackouts.

Two startup companies are currently sharing our space:

  • Jere Sexy, a local health and fitness company.
  • Star Production, a member of the Jeunes Entrepreneurs Group. Star Production specializes in photo and video production.

Please contact us today for more details.