Some interesting projects by Transition Digitale students

Lajanpeyim is an Android application that will contribute to adding value to the Haitian currency – the gourde. It also provides a list of Haiti-based banks and the history of the rates, along with a currency converter and other features.

The application collects data on some of the foreign currencies such as the Canadian dollar, the Euro, the U.S. dollar, and the Dominican peso. Some of the features in the app include:

  • Exchange rates
  • Presentation of the various currencies in use in Haiti
  • List of various banks operating in Port-au-Prince
  • Online and offline currency converter as supplied by your preferred bank
  • Backup conversions for offline use
  • Ability to share conversion information on socials networks
  • Bar chart proposal with selected currency
  • Widget for home screen

The following people helped develop Lajanpeyim and gave their support to facilitate its release: Joseph Seth Jetro, Jules Frantz Stephane Loubeau, Djason I. Sylvaince, Marc Edwin Theolien.

Special thanks to: Transition Digitale, Carly Baja, and Nathalie Beldorin.

Click here to download the app.