Enrollment Process, Fees, and More

Thank you for your interest in learning English at Innovative Learning Concepts! If you have the desire, we will work with you to ensure you make the most of your learning here. Our classes are taught by native English speakers who are certified internationally to teach English. Moreover, we combine in-class instructions with conversation sessions and provide our students with the ability to practice English. We currently offer three levels:
English 100 (Beginners) – This entry level is appropriate for individuals who have never studied English before or have had minimal exposure to the language.
English 101 (Intermediate) – Our placement test will determine whether you should be placed at this level; it is also the class for students who have successfully completed English 100.
English 102 (Advanced)

To place you at the appropriate level, a placement test is administered to assess your current understanding of English. No preparation is necessary. The address is 14, Rue Kelly Guerrier, Chatulée (Mirebalais). Please call or send a text via WhatsApp to Alamy Jean-Pierre at 4224-5998 to learn about the date of our next session and fees.

    Students will have access to free high-speed Internet at the Center and to a vast database of online resources. Facilitated Conversation Clubs of 4 to 6 members will meet several times a week allowing students to practice the notions learned in class, as well as discuss current events.