Alamy Jean Pierre

Alamy Jean Pierre is Center Director at Innovative Learning Concepts in Mirebalais. Mr. Jean Pierre was born in Jacmel, in the Southeast Department of Haiti. As a community leader, he has been involved in education in Haiti since 2009. He worked for Restoration Ministry as professor and supervisor at the Christian Institution of Restoration in Mirebalais and in Tabarre;  he then worked for the Digicel Foundation for Education as a trainer, and with Anseye Pou Ayiti as a teacher-leader. In 2016, he volunteered to work with Solidarité et Action pour les Enfants de Sion as Assistant Coordinator.

Mr. Jean Pierre was the administrator of the Centre D’encadrement Pédagogique et de Formation Continue, a vocational school for young orphans in Mirebalais. In 2010, he founded Palais des Génies, a psychology center for children who became orphans during the earthquake.

He is currently Professor of Didactics, Cognitive Psychology and Numerical Pedagogy at the Centre Polytechnique Appliqué de Mirebalais,  at Ecole Normale de Lascahobas, and Ecole de Formation de Delmas.  He is the pedagogical director at Ecole Petit Matelot and at Ecole Normale de Mirebalais.  Additionally, he is collaborating on a Project with Le Groupe des Encadreurs en Pédagogie et en Psychologie.

Alamy also works as adviser and partner with various organizations such as Haiti-Micah, Restoration for Haiti, Michael Jackson Foundation, Réseau Canope, etc.