Why Learn English at ILC?

There is a need for more flexible English language learning opportunities in Haiti. At ILC,  we will fulfill this need through live and online delivery format for different proficiency levels. Through the utilization of various online modalities, students will benefit from plenty of practice in a cyber classroom, in conversation circles, as well as independently. Additional reasons for the uniqueness of our English program include:

  • Internationally-Certified Instructors – Our instructors are required to be certified to teach the English language.
  • Native English-Speaking Instructors – In addition of their certification, we strive to find instructors that are either native of English-speaking countries, or have immigrated to those countries at a very young age and whose pronunciation has not been influenced by another language.
  • Conversation Facilitators Available for Practice –  Because English is not regularly spoken in Haiti, we thought it was important to incorporate conversation classes into the program. As such, we have successfully lined up a group of dedicated volunteers whom we call Conversation Facilitators or CFs. They will lead conversation sessions with groups of students on a regular basis; these groups will be limited to 8 students, to ensure everyone’s participation and opportunity to practice.
  • Additional Innovative Programs in the Future – We will announce in due time other exciting programs to be offered.