Valdie Vilgrain

Valdie Vilgrain is ILC’s Manager of Operations. In this role, she ensures the smooth operation of the office and coordinates our volunteers. In addition, she provides support to the Center Director.

Roody Altidort

Roody Altidort comptable à ILC. Né à Désarmes, 3ème section communale des Verrettes dans le département de l’Artibonite, Roody a travaillé dans un premier temps pour le projet HAITI- HOPE à titre de conseiller commercial pour les Bas-Artibonite et Plateau Central dans le programme de mangues francisques de Technoserve de janvier 2012 à Mars 2014,…

Ralph Baker Poteau

Mr. Poteau is currently Coordinator of Logistics at the ILC Center in Mirebalais. In this role, he plays an important part in the planning leading to the launch and establishment of our training program in the Plateau Central region. Ralph attended IFC (Institut de Formation des Cadres) where he earned a certificate as a Technician…

Jacky Poteau

Jacky Poteau is Co-Founder and PDG of Innovative Learning Concepts (ILC) and Coordinator of SNEI-PC (Salon du Numérique, de l’Entrepreneuriat, et de l’Innovation du Plateau Central), a citizen-led initiative to expose young people to the benefits of Information Technology (IT) and the inevitable overlap between IT, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. From 2006 to 2014, Mr. Poteau served as President and Executive Director of FATEM,…