Tara Ramsey

Tara has been a teacher’s aide for over 25 years, and she is an avid volunteer in primary schools focusing on language acquisition and early readers – a task she thoroughly enjoys, as it has motivated her to continue her pursuit of opportunities to work with all students to further their ability to communicate.

Tara works with the African Canadian Caribbean Society, where her main focus is an initiative to introduce celebrations and education at the high school level to celebrate Black History Month. As a member of Sankofa Arts and Music Foundation, Tara works to connect at-risk kids with exciting opportunities to pursue an education in the Arts.

Through several entrepreneurial endeavors and charity involvement, her heart has stayed with Haiti and she looks forward to contributing to Innovative Learning Concepts.  In addition to a Bachelor’s degree, Tara recently completed her 150-hour TEFL Master Course. She hopes to bring her diverse experiences to motivate students to achieve success in future English classes.

Tara invites you to check out Slam Dunk Poetry Contest; she believes it is a very fun experience. She lives in Calgary (Canada) with her family.