Headly Noel


A native of Petit Goave, Haiti, Mr. Noel did his primary school there (Frères Sacré-Coeur de Jesus) and attended high school at Frères Sacré-Coeur Juvena de Carrefour. In 2001, following graduation, he immigrated to Boston (USA), where he attended University of Massachusetts and graduated in 2005 with a BA in Political Science and Economics. Headly subsequently worked for two years in the non-profit sector as IT Director for Mother Caroline Academy, until he decided to take on graduate studies, but this time in Germany; first, as a master student in Global Studies at the University of Leipzig (Germany) and second, at Humboldt University Zu Berlin, from which he earned a Master of Science degree in Applied Economics (Focus: Development & Agriculture Economics).

Since graduation, Mr. Noel has taken up several positions, most noteworthy of which, as Investors Consultant for NASDAQ Europe, and Communication Specialists for German firms such as Siemens and Bosch.

Since 2016, Mr. Noel has been back in the Uni, undertaking research and doctoral studies. He is now part of a research project that deals with complex knowledge transfer and natural hazards (Uni Potsdam, Human Geography Germany).