Hans Patrick Domerçant

Hans Patrick Domerçant is founder of Motion Picture Association of Haiti, which under his leadership has recognized the work of countless Haitian actors, directors, writers – from Reginald Lubin to Gessica Geneus, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and Garcelle Beauvais. Mr. Domerçant is also the President of Haitian American Business Expo, a non-profit organization created to promote and assist Haitian American businesses in Massachusetts.

Patrick graduated from INUQUA / UQAM in Haiti with a degree in Computer Science. He then moved to Massachusetts in 2003 and shortly started his own computer software and service company, ITT PLAG, and later on contracted his services as Senior Applications Developer to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Administration and Finance (A&F).

Guided by his love for the arts and aspiring to be an actor and a filmmaker, he began taking classes at the New York Film Academy and at Boston University, and subsequently embarked on a nearly two-year journey to produce “San Papye” a film counting the plight of undocumented Haitian Immigrants in Massachusetts.

Patrick also created a laboratory for young Haitians where they come to learn and appreciate the art of filmmaking. In a country like Haiti where the rate of illiteracy is acutely elevated, the cinema is a near perfect tool for education.  The MPAH Youth Film Program has already seen the fruits of its labor, as many in the program have been working on ways to communicate with their peers about issues that affect our community.